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Gay Marriage

I am a Christian. ;
I think homosexuality is a sin. ;
I also think Gay/Lesbian marriage should be legal. ;
See, equal rights and free speech give people who don’t share my beliefs the ability to make that very clear and live the lifestyle they choose. But it also gives me the ability to make my beliefs very clear and live my life according to scripture (though I fall short.) ;
It’s not my job to regulate laws and push politics. As a follower of Jesus, that’s not what is required of me. ; ; ;

“And what does the Lord require of you? ;To act justly and to love mercy ;and to walk humbly ;with your God.” ;

If you are a Christian who once lived in opposition to what you now hold true, I want you to think back on how you were won to the Kingdom. Chances are what just popped into your head isn’t a picture of people picketing and ;saying offensive things about the way you chose to live your life. Chances are you didn’t decide to give your life to the Lord because the law said your lifestyle wasn’t of equal importance to that of other human beings. And I’d bet the farm it had nothing to do with an ecard or meme posted on Facebook.
I’m guessing a more accurate picture is one of a person who loved you. Someone who was willing to listen without condemning. A supportive friend who stood by you despite you making a decision that went against their faith. Someone who valued you as a person rather than categorized you as a sinner. ;
I could go on and on but my point is that if you are so against homosexuality -in the name of Jesus, start doing what he called us to do. That is how the Kingdom is going to be won – by casting nets, not ballots. By prayer, not persecution. ; So stop making the government responsible for doing your job as a Christian and start loving the sinners because guess what, you’re one of them.